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Admins, we need more information.

Discussion in 'Help & Documentation' started by Konstebl, Jan 17, 2022.

  1. Konstebl

    Konstebl New Member

    Sep 4, 2018
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    First of all, I want to say thank you that Myz tried to write some of the important information :). However, some of the information is already outdated. Thanks for the detailed explanation of some details. I wish there was a slightly more detailed explanation regarding other things in the future.
    The code.
    About this post.
    I will not recommend absolutely any text editor. I want to include in the recommendations
    Sublime Text.
    A very up-to-date editor that is pleasant and easy to work with. You also can use demo version, it's ok too.

    Map texture.
    l3DT a good thing to understand how grayscale works with terrain. However, I still advise you to make such a texture in --->GIMP<---. Light shades are made higher, dark ones are lower your ground. With 513x513 size.

    Regarding the code, you can easily understand a lot by reading this article. However, there is another problem here - the inconsistency of the object's coordinates. When you create an object in the world, the coordinates of the object are written in the chat. I would like the sequence of coordinates indicated in the chat to match what is written in the code. Because I forget that I need to swap some coordinates with each other, which creates problems.

    Another problem that has arisen is axis. After reading the documentation, I realized that there is not enough explanation for the axis in your game. I'm used to the fact that the Z axis is responsible for up and down, in the case of installing water, it turned out that Y is responsible for this command.

    Placement of objects.
    This detail creates a number of inconveniences. If possible, make sure the coordinates, size, and rotation are not too distorted. Because when working with the rotate tool, the object does not become exactly centered. The object leans heavily when working with a flat map surface. I mean, after my long attempts to turn the house as I need, this very house is installed crookedly. Even when saving the coordinates, they are set crookedly for me.

    I would like you to add a little more detail, preferably with an example in the form of attached images. Good luck developing with the project!

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