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World Without Stars [RP forum/Skype Group]

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PrinceOfSin, May 12, 2016.

  1. PrinceOfSin

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    Jul 12, 2015
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    Hit me up when u interested.
    [WWS] is a forum that I haven't done much with, but I REALLY want to!! If I could somehow integrate it here or something, that would be great. Now, for an overview!

    [WWS] is an open-world, idea based, roleplay group that allows "players" to unite or quest separately simply to explore a world shifted by drastic events. Open-world means that if you have an idea, you can freely post said opinion to the thread. There's nothing bad with any commentation y'know. I can understand if you hate my own ideas.

    It has been said that before the Division, our entire world was divided equally, with no great changes as you moved along its surface. Eventually, it seemed as if all hell was raised and the planet's surface was shattered, destroyed, and nothing for miles was not charred by the destruction we called the Apocalypse. Millions of innocent lives were cast to Hell, considering it seemed that Hell was the reason our world was destroyed. From the literal ashes of beings and foundations, the planet began anew. Just as it was a fiery and rocky sphere before, it returned, slowly cooling over an immense time.​

    -Excerpt from the Tome of Time.

    The destruction of one planet to make a new world happens very often, although some species confined to simple lives will never understand or get around to know or see these events. Within a binary star system, the [WWS] planet was a peaceful place up until what humans consider the Apocalypse or Rapture had destroyed the top-world and left the rest to choke on the toxic air. Eventually, this planet moved to a more suitable spot in orbit around it's stars and began to get life once more. This time, however, it seemed that its tectonic plates had cracked a substantial amount, to a point where each plate itself had a single ecosystem and didn't interact or invade the others. While a few are now populated with intelligent life, many are yet to be known or discovered, perhaps due to the severity of moving to them, or the giant chasms and abysses that stop any travel. Life can also sustain itself harshly in those chasms and abysses as well.

    Abyssal life and chasm life is a devastating one. While life within or on the plates is relatively alright, the life the dark ones live is far worse than one may imagine.

    Imbued with strange and often dangerous powers, the horrifying inhabitants of the world below are often considered "daemons" or other supernatural beings that do not truly exist anymore on [WWS]. It is theorized that daemons were the ones to have caused the great Division.

    While there are plenty of landforms all over the planet, only three have gotten back to their original intellectual levels. Many still rest unknown and are waiting to be discovered.

    Shoot a PM if you want to check it out and join y'know. I really want this to fly and not drag around. Chances are it ain't, since I'll be passed up. Aha.
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