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Preset submission Open

Discussion in 'Help & Documentation' started by Myz, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. Myz

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    Nov 1, 2014
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    We're currently accepting presets. There's currently no restrictions on how many you can submit, this will change in the future when we move away from testing stages.

    Follow these instructions, but instead of sending it to your friend you should upload it to some filehost then send a PM(Start a conversation) to http://dawn-of-eternity.com/community/conversations/add?to=Snuggypink with Preset Submission as the subject and include a link to it + a screenshot of it working in the game.

    If your preset looks like something that could just be created in the editor it won't be added.

    The total filesize of your textures + material file must be under 1MB or it won't be added. There could be exceptions if there is a good reason for it being over, like you have a lot of custom items. But it should still be as close as possible to the limit.

    Run all your PNG images through https://tinypng.com It might break transparent ones so don't do those unless you have to.

    Lower resolution if it's still too big

    I usually go through and add presets once a week(most likely during weekends), so make sure you read everything and do it right or you'll end up waiting another week.

    If you did something wrong and realized it after you've started a conversation with me you should put it as a new reply in the conversation you already started instead of starting another one.
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