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Just a thought!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ToxicNightmare, Feb 13, 2017.


Does this interest you? Would you find it interesting in game as well?

  1. Yes, definately!!

  2. Nah, I like the game how it is.

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  1. ToxicNightmare

    ToxicNightmare New Member

    Feb 8, 2017
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    So this is more an idea that i have for @Rika which i thought would be interesting!

    So I was talking to @Snuggypink about some stuff that would be cool additions to the server. I told snuggy that perhaps a leveling system would be cool, and she had told me that it was already something that was being tossed around as an idea. So, I then brought up the idea of items that upped stats or health. Snuggy had told me that it was something that Rika didn't really like the idea of, due to the fact that she have people wear items because they like them, and not just because of the stats. This then gave me another idea!!
    What if, there were an item that boosted stats. However, this item would only be useful once transferred to the website. This item would be used by taking said item, and either merging it or using it to transfer or engrave said stat benefits to another item. This way, people could still get the status benefits as well as still wear an item that they enjoy, weather it be something as simple as a bracelet, or as rare as an item from one of the gods in the Chaos branch or Harmony branch maps. After said " stat boost " was used, it would then be unusable and vanish from the website. I'd think that this item could either be bought for a hefty amount of gold, or be dropped rarely by bosses. It could also be an only admin spawned thing, like how in Dragons Den there are an assortment of swords that are extremely rare due to the fact they are only admin spawned.

    This was just something that i had in mind, I hope you consider it or at least read my suggestion. I figure that it would be some-what possible because players can transfer items, and gold to the website and back to the game. So, yeah!

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  2. SparkleWolf404

    SparkleWolf404 Active Member

    Nov 19, 2015
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    Honestly I think it would be easier to code a leveling system, a system like this would be very unbalanced and buggy!

    Seeing as the game is in alpha it has many bugs, most of my bugs have been relating to my items.

    Mainly my Bloody Sword likes to clone itself with no warning, say if I put the buff on my sword that buff would transfer to the cloned one.
    That would leave me with two OP swords, then it clones again and again and I have no way of stopping it!
    I could give those OP swords to people and everyone would have a magic op cloning sword!

    Not only that but I've had the opposite problem too where an item I am wearing VANISHES with no warning despite me wearing it and not taking it off, thankfully this has only happened once but the fact this is a possibility would be very annoying.
  3. Snuggypink

    Snuggypink Preset Converter
    Staff Member

    Jun 21, 2015
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    Idea if any staff take a look at this:
    What if this so called level up boost isn't even a wearable item, but something that you are able to earn on the site- probably by a good amount of gold and or maybe even donation cash, that you simply put on a character of your choice on the site itself so it could transfer over into the game.

    You could earn more stat boosts buy buying more but because of their cost you would have to either grind for gold or hold bids for items that would sell well.

    *casually buys all the boosts and becomes the final boss* fite m3
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  4. Karkat_Vantas

    Karkat_Vantas Active Member

    Jul 12, 2015
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    Theres another IT server " Okami No Tochi [ Land Of The Wolves ]" And they have a leveling system! so @Rika wiggles my eyebrows.

    go yell at them and see how they did it

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