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An honest first impression of the game

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by LegendOfCatBro, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. LegendOfCatBro

    LegendOfCatBro New Member

    Oct 2, 2019
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    Was scouting out a new game to play with my bf, and stumbled upon this and I want to give some feedback on my first impression. According to the title screen it is still in early development, so I guess a slightly less than perfect experience is understandable. However, I will still point out anything I believe to be a flaw that I noticed in my first look because I enjoy criticizing things. I hope someone finds this feedback useful.

    TL;DR-- Overall pretty good from what I've seen, except the GUI. I hate the GUI design so much its difficult to get it across without swearing.

    At first both the Windows and Norton antivirus on my computer had a seizure while i was trying to install it, and the downloads were kinda slow. Just noticed that the website is also "not secure" according to chrome, not that big of a deal for me personally but seems kinda risky ngl. Once I started it up, having to manually pick the graphics render thing was kinda confusing, but not that bad, especially considering the game is in early development.

    However, my one major complaint is the interface. As soon as I tried pressing escape to edit my options, I was greeted by a GUI that was hard to read, cuz the background of the GUI was too transparent. The text didn't fit in some places, but that just might have been my computer. When I went to go play, the GUI continued to aggravate me with how difficult it was to read. The character creation was, in my opinion, clunky and unintuitive. It felt awkward clicking through the options one by one, when there seems to be enough room for something more convenient, such as a drop-down menu or some kind of scrolling list. I was honestly disappointed by how little control you have over the shape of your character, for I personally find tuning the shape and dimensions of a character to be the most enjoyable part. Throughout character creation, the GUI readability still bothered me tho.

    After getting into game, the controls weren't all that bad. The only thing that's really annoying is the inability to sprint. It feels slow having to just walk everywhere instead of being able to run. The HUD feels kind of awkward, especially when the compass rose's letters blend in so easily with the background and are hard to read. Of course, I haven't gone too far past the tutorial so I don't feel qualified to comment on the meat of the gameplay. Nevertheless, I'm excited to invite my boyfriend and take this for a spin sometime soon!
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  2. SparkleWolf404

    SparkleWolf404 Active Member

    Nov 19, 2015
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    If your main issue with the game is your HUD I must politely inform you there actually is a way to fix that! The game has a dedicated "mods" folder in the game file, simply replace the textures by placing your desired ones into that folder (make sure the file names are the same as the originals) and bam! Mostly fixed hud.

    As for running, you might've hit Cap Lock by mistake. Hitting that key forces your character to walk at a snails pace.
    If that wasn't the cause however then there still is a fix. Felines and Equines have a faster run stat than wolves.
    Not only that but there is a "sprint" skill you can buy in homeland which lets you dash but it's limited use so stock up!

    I hope my comment is able to help you enjoy the game a bit more, I hope you enjoy the game and stick around!
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