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A few misc suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by PhoenixAgate, May 13, 2019.

  1. PhoenixAgate

    PhoenixAgate New Member

    Apr 10, 2019
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    Generic title, I know, but I had a couple somewhat unrelated ideas and didn't want to clutter the board up with a bunch of threads.



    Beak Items

    Basically, a two-piece item that is attached to your character's upper and lower jaws, making it look like they have a beak that can open and close just like your character's normal mouth can. Could potentially come in two types, crow (straight) and eagle (hooked.)

    Since I felt like I was having a bit of a difficult time explaining what exactly I meant by "two-piece item," I made a couple of (extremely rushed and low-effort) mock-ups to



    These would be great since they would let people make gryphon characters (without needing to make an entirely new character model,) and I bet people could make some pretty creative presets with them too!

    Pirate Eyepatch

    We already have medical eyepatches, so why not a classic swashbucker's version too?
    Pretty self explanatory and probably already planned, but I'll throw it on the pile anyway.


    Once again, pretty self-explanatory and also probably already planned, but hey onto the pile it goes.



    Generic Shape Meshes

    In short, generic shape meshes for use in map-maker; like a basic cube, a basic sphere, a basic cone, a basic ring, basic cylinder, etc.

    Feralheart had these, and they were an absolute godsend for mapmakers like me who don't know how to mesh- with a bit of retexturing you could make a lot with just them alone.


    Welp, that about wraps things up. Hopefully I wasn't too confusing; I'm absolutely terrible at explaining things haha
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  2. SparkleWolf404

    SparkleWolf404 Active Member

    Nov 19, 2015
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    I've told rika about the beaks and I think she liked the idea but she seems to have a long to do list, know pirate eye patches have been in the talks, alas they likely won't work on all models just like the medical one.

    As for the Generic Shape Meshes, while I agree they'd be nice there is also nothing stopping you from importing those into your mesh folder yourself.
    After all, both FH and DoE use the orge engine as well as the .mesh format. I know I've imported a lot of meshes meant for feralheart to use in my maps and they worked great!

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