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Dawn of Eternity


Dawn of Eternity is a free animal mmorpg game, at the moment we have the options of playing as a Canine, Feline and Equine, and in future we hope to have even more species available.

Collected brand new items, fight new powerful prey, and explore the lands of Eternity!

DoE is currently in alpha testing and does not have a projected release date, however updates are very frequent! As we are still in alpha, there are quite a few bugs that still need ironed out, so please bear with us!

Preset submissions are currently open!

Features new to Dawn of Eternity-

-Three unique player models
-Currency system
-Pack/Group system
-All new items exclusive to DoE
-New and unique prey to hunt
-All new maps to explore
-Improved Preset system
-Item Presets
-Automatic preset downloads and updates
-Asymmetrical eyes both colour and style
-Layered markings with individual colouring
-Fur selection
-Easy to use map maker & custom map support
-Quest system with progression and rewards
-And much much more!





Jul 7, 2015
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