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What have I done diddly done

Discussion in 'Help & Documentation' started by Sneakster, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Sneakster

    Sneakster New Member

    Sep 11, 2016
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    So I'm an old fart when it comes to making heightmaps and don't understand that L3DT program thingy. I figured I could just straight up draw my heightmap like in ye olden days, and it works half the time, half the time does not. I went through the tutorials on mapmaking pretty easily and moved from the tutorial map to creating my own folder and map, I copied and pasted the .world file to my new folder (titled Sam's Map) but changed the N++ file to not say 'tut1.png' on the code line, but my own file which was 'samsmap.png'
    I scribbled around real quick in GIMP and went into the game and it worked perfectly! No errors or anything
    So I get down to start drawing a real map, looked hella cool, and when I get into the game...


    I have literally no clue what I did but while I was trying to explain the process through screenshots, I magically figured it all out, so yeah yall can disregard this thread now


    It says it isn't in greyscale, which is what confuses me! Or at least that's what I gather from the error. I have made sure that the setting is to greyscale when I start the map in GIMP, and when I draw out stupidly simple maps it works fine but when I actually get down to more complex stuff it gives me this error. Anyone know what to do about it?


    So here's a lovely heightmap, it's called "heck.png"

    I go ingame, and it works perfectly! Boy is it a beauty


    So like, since this works, obviously drawing a nicer map will work too?? I've changed absolutely nothing other than the image its self, it's still the "heck.png" file and everything


    I save it and go into the game

    (this is the point where shit just magically started working for me so nvm all this lmao)
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  2. Snuggypink

    Snuggypink Preset Converter
    Staff Member

    Jun 21, 2015
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    I feel this is a common error, you may need tp decrease the quality pf your map in oder for it to work. So far that has worked for me, when getting the same error
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