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How to use the object editor

Discussion in 'Help & Documentation' started by Myz, Dec 17, 2014.

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    Nov 1, 2014
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    /editor on/off
    Enabled/Disables the editor. You will be able to tell if it's enabled through the red numbers on your screen, these are the cameras coordinates and they are useful for when you manually edit things in the world file.

    /editor move
    Sets the editors mode to move selected object

    /editor rotate

    Sets the editors mode to rotate selected object

    /editor scale
    Sets the editors mode to scale selected object

    /editor create/spawn meshname
    Spawns the mesh at camera location and selects it for editing.

    /editor copy/clone
    Will clone the currently selected object and spawn it at your camera location.

    /editor delete
    Deletes the selected mesh

    /editor save/export filename

    Exports all objects into your my_content/exports folder with the file name you put in

    /editor collision on/off

    Toggles collision on or off for your selected object

    /editor search name
    Searched through all the game meshes for matches and prints the result in the chat. It uses wildcards so a "/editor search tree" would find tree, dead_tree and tree_dead.


    Left click with mouse on any object to select it for editing.

    Arrows keys will rotate/move/scale the object around the Z and X axis.

    Right shift and Right Ctrl will rotate/move/scale the object around the Y axis.

    Page up/down will scale the object equally on all axis.

    Number 9 and 0 will change the editors modifier, this affects how much the object moves/rotates/scales with each button press.

    Backspace will toggle between the editors modes(rotate/move/scale).
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