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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Dipachip, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Dipachip

    Dipachip New Member

    Oct 1, 2019
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    Hello, I'm Dipachip. I enjoy Chips and Dip.
    11 / / / / / /

    Feel free to Call me Dip, or Chip.
    I've been on Computers ever since I was like a toddler, the first PC I owned was a Laptop, then I moved to a monitor; More advanced.
    I've been apart of 2D/3D Sites for a decade if you could call it that (a series of years).
    More Info about me can be found below ↓↓↓


    1.) Disclaimer : I tend to be Friendly towards those to treat me the way everyone else wants to be treated, I can also get very talkative from time to time but may depend, so feel free to chat with me, I don't bite. I wouldn't mind a future like that!
    2.) Favourite Foods : Diff types of Meats, Fruit, ex: mostly apples, Toast, Battered Chips, Popsicles, But not much, I'm not a big eater.
    3.) Favourite Drinks : Juice, Water, Soda, and Cordial
    4.) Favourite Animals : Felines, Canines, Birds, Wildlife, Sea Creatures, Anything Fantasy Based, Some Insects, Herbivores, Snakes, Reptiles, Thylacines, Ferrets, Lizards, Dinosaurs, Crocodiles, Foxes
    5.) Likes : Nature, Globes, Flowers/Roses, Gardens, Winter, Snow, Shells, Statues, Ornaments, Collecting, Drawing, Sketching, Watercolour Painting, Inspiration, Rain, Thunder, Puddles, Storms, Helping others, MMO(RPG) Games, Video Games, PC Games, Online Games, Pokemon, Certain TV Shows, Movies, Disaster Movies
    6.) Dislikes : Jumpy Dogs, Loud Dogs, Loud noises, Arrogant and/or Rude People, Selfishness, Sharks, Stingrays, Bees/Wasps, Loud Birds, Jellyfish, The Dark, Caves/Tunnels, Heavy Storms, Lighting, Beetles/Bugs/Ants, Vultures.
    7.) Personality : Friendly, Shy, Awkward, Protective over my Family and (Close) Friends, Joyful towards others.
    8.) Pets? : 1 Cat, She's a Ragdoll and her names Mishka.
    9.) Lactose-Intolerant? : Yes
    10.) Can you Swim? : No


    - (c) 2019
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