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  1. Yarnball
  2. FlyingPopee
  3. rlictony
    Warm-Hearted of the deed~!
  4. Icy0w0
    Beware of the Raven who descended from Heaven.
  5. godhands
    wake me up when the get down's back
  6. Kreeps
  7. Kreeps
    Trying to figure out how to download on Mac :p
  8. kate xox
    kate xox
    human egg?
  9. Koko
    cool cat
  10. KarissaVolom
    Thinking about life
  11. Foxisaur
    You are not the father!
  12. ShybeDawg
    ShybeDawg Myz
    (continued) It doesnt bother me that i wont have them, but im just telling you along with others to watch out for him, here is his user Bookerk
    -Thank you
    Sincerely, Shybe
  13. ShybeDawg
    ShybeDawg Myz
    (continued) But he soon started asking me for my other passwords and users for other games, somehow he had hacked into my account and took them back after i explained i would not give him any of my accounts
  14. ShybeDawg
    ShybeDawg Myz
    hello, i need some help on this. Currently about a few weeks ago, one of my newer "Friends" had gave me hell wings
  15. Meeikou-Moki
  16. Glitchbird
    im new i guess
  17. Kagome
    Feeling awesome <3
  18. Giantmilkdud
    I like doge and animalsss :D
  19. catbabs
  20. Doge2017
    Hello!!! I like to play computer game