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  1. Smil3Hun
  2. blooddrunk
    blooddrunk Myz
    please delete my forum and game account thank you
  3. Czytrus
    I'vE lOsT mY sHoe!!
  4. ayosakki
    you're the beauty everyone wants
  5. Bethany
    ur mom gay and ur dad lesbo suck it nerd.
  6. Store
    guess whose bac
  7. Troxic_Wolverine
  8. Troxic_Wolverine
    "So long yet so short time. What should've I do?"
  9. tigger
  10. meowstic
    watch out for Scourge Trans
  11. Cole7
    Cole7 Alii9
  12. PrinceOfSin
    when ya mercy dies
  13. PrinceOfSin
    summer machine broke
  14. Cole7
    Cole7 Herodotus
    hello and welcome brother!:)
  15. Cole7
    Cole7 ListlessOccultic
    welcome to Dawn of Eternity!
  16. Cole7
    Cole7 Kittenplay
    Welcome Kittenplay!
  17. Cole7
    Cole7 Moonwing207
    Hello!Sorry got nothing else to say - just hello!
  18. Cole7
    Cole7 Arrow000
    have fun on the trip and i will look forward to meeting you in game again later - i will probably have the pack up and running.And thanks for following me!i am going to follow you too!
  19. Arrow000
    Won't be online for a few days, got a trip out of town and wont be taking my laptop with me.
  20. Cole7
    Cole7 E M P